Now that’s a horrible thought:

America, I give you… Madam President Michelle Obama:  

Anyone surprised that they are floating this idea?

Joe is on his way out, Kamala is a non starter, and as far as I know they have no other viable candidate….

But she is no more qualified than say, my neighbor’s dog (although he’s pretty smart).

I’ve seen this sort of story in a few places…expect this to grow feet for a while while they see if this can work.

3 thoughts on “Now that’s a horrible thought:

  1. Like it or not, Mike has an appeal to those sorts of people (the same people that think the Harpy has appeal). Add the idea of election fraud, I see another 4 years of the Obamanation that’s plagued us since ’08 (even during DJT’s term). Besides, the Damnedocrats have no one else with any appeal whatsoever.
    I’m stocking up on ammo.

  2. Her attitude of ‘above it all’ was too apparent for me and others. Like HC, she isn’t nowhere as good an actress to keep that concealed. And no, it isn’t an opposition to a another black leader as POTUS. Others would be far more suitable if they can convince them to run.

    And that is going to be a problem for the Democratic Party. Even they recognize the next 4 years are going to be brutal tot he person in charge.

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