Third world rule

Of course, I’ve written about the issues in Dolton, Illinois as regards the city’s infrastructure, especially the water system.

But now we see even more issues with the town’s governing officials:

You should be ashamed’: Mayor of Illinois town fires back at critics after being slammed for high salary demands and using city money for hair, make-up and luxury trips across the US

Then there’s the fact that she voted herself a $300,000 salary… (remember, she thinks that whites should pay for the worn out and damaged water infrastructure, but she gets a $300K salary (and many others in governments are similarly compensated)

and now?

shutting down businesses that refuse to donate to her campaign

And the best one? The cops cars are about to be repossessed.

They elected a third world government and now they are getting third world governance. Rather than elect people based on qualifications and morals and such, they choose….poorly. They went from incompetence, to a ruler that acts like a tribal warlord.

But hey, it’s all about color and race, innit?


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