An interesting point

Trump’s $355 MILLION dollar judgement is not reparations to someone or a comapny, not compensation for damages. Not paying damages to anyone. There were no damaged parties in this suit. No single financial institution claimed damages, nor will any company that did business with Trump or his organization get a dime from the judgement against him.


Nope. Instead, this is a fine. A fine levied against the Trump organization for ….something.

Again, this is not “damages” nor will the monies go to anyone that did business with him or his organizations…this is money taken by the State of New York as a fine….for a “crime” with no victims, and without damages. Just a complaint by the state that they didn’t like the way he did businesses. There were no “Injured Parties”, just an unhappy state’s attorney with a political agenda.


Think about that. No damages, no complainants….just the state extracting revenge for …..?

7 thoughts on “An interesting point

  1. The pendulum always swings back. Always. And I am so going to enjoy seeing the stem of that pendulum sticking out of so many people’s asses when it does,

  2. This trend, if left unchallenged, will filter down to ALL OF US!!! Imagine; you’re selling a car. You and the buyer agree on a price. D’MAN determines that the price wasn’t fair. The buyer still gets his car, but YOU get FINED. Say hellow to ANOTHER ARBITRARY TAX!!!!

    It’s TIME, folks… WAY past time…

  3. Just LawFare….the use of the legal system as a weapon. With the added benefit of being able to steal “legally” based SOLELY on the whims of a corrupt judge.
    MORE proof that the legal system in this country is irredeemably broken.

  4. This will not end well.

    I am getting so #!@% tired of saying that…….

    Anon 2

  5. By a strange coincidence, in the United States, bills of attainder are illegal.

    Trying people for being themselves doesn’t square that circle.

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