I expect a False Flag


A bit of minor violence to happen somewhere near Del Rio/Eagle Pas Texas sometime soon….

The media is treating the Truckers Protest as (presumptive) criminals. Already painting them as purveyors of violence and acting as if they will do something more than protest.

They are reporting them in the same manner as they painted the Jan 6th protestors, both before and after the actual protest.

They are highlighting the fears of the locals about violent protest, even though there are no reasons to believe that these are anything but people wanting to make themselves heard…much like the folks on Jan 6th.

And lets face it, it is a protest with no clearly defined goals, the kind that attracts exactly the folks that the FBI/ATF can easily manipulate into following if there is a charismatic leader….(Ray Epps: Call your office please)

But the battlespace is being prepared in the media .Portraying these protestors as violent dangerous criminals.

Expect a bad result. The professional media spin teams are now at work, along with the FBI folks that infiltrated the Jan 6th crowd. I fully expect that event will play out in a planned manner, much like they did at the Capitol Building….

I’d expect a Ray Epps type (or more than one) is there already with a master plan.


7 thoughts on “I expect a False Flag

  1. Biden is a very “SICK and INEPT MAN”, but those who cover for him and prop him up are even Sicker.!!!
    Ever since Biden came into office everything has changed and has been been out of order and in chaos since he came in, from domestic issues to foreign policy. He’s governed like someone completely under the control of the left, with extreme positions on the border and student loans, for example.
    Our country has never been as divided, and our economy has never been as bad, Not since I have been alive and on this earth!. For crying out loud, It’s a torture just going to the Supermarket these days,
    Instead, we got a nasty man. He makes up things constantly to pander and to hold onto control. He screams at people when he’s challenged, he’s called voters and media all kinds of names including liar, fat, son of a b*tch, even threatening to take a voter “outside.” At this point, his lack of competence has made the issues he’s had all his life for not telling the truth even worse. He’s also smeared millions of Americans as extremists because they support his political opponent, and in disgusting attacks he’s tried to paint them as a danger to the public. Meanwhile, Democrats are targeting his main political opponent and trying to increase Biden’s chances like we’ve never seen before in history. So much for bringing “civility” back. I don’t think there’s ever been a more divisive or destructive person to occupy the office.

    Now comes the revelation from Politico about the nasty things that Biden is saying in private about former President Donald Trump. Oh, and the revelation that he has a reputation for salty language behind closed doors. Funny how I think this is the first time in the three years of coverage of Biden in office that I think I’ve seen this “reputation” reported.

    President Biden has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a “sick fuck” who delights in others’ misfortunes, according to three people who have heard the president use the profane description. According to one of the people who has spoke with the president, Biden recently said of Trump: “What a fucking asshole the guy is.”
    The White House declined to comment.

    No, Trump is NOT sick, not at all but Biden is the “Sick” one who has been trying to divide the nation and demonize Americans as Biden has. Sick is someone who can’t find his way off a stage but thinks he can run again for office though he barely seems to know where he is half the time. “Sick” is someone who can never take responsibility for his failures and keeps making the same mistakes, like Joe Biden. “Sick” is telling the same lies, including about your political opponent, over and over and over again — even when those lies have been debunked, as LIES! — but still has not being able to stop.
    It’s a shame that Crooked Joe Biden disrespects the presidency both publicly and privately. He is the “Sick” one, not former president Trump.
    This is the “Sick man. I wouldn’t use Joe’s curse word. Saying such a falsehood in a screaming ranting, and slamming his hands down on the podium and again suggesting that his Son died in battle in France, rather than of CANCER in 2015, that is a very ”Sick Man”.

  2. yeah but this time its texas, where they can and do have guns. and people are even more fed up than before. i think the law of unintended consequences is in effect with this one.

    • Not fer nothin’, but this is kinda like closing the barn door after the cows get out. Personally, I’m a little disappointed in Texas. I thought her people would have shown more cajones when this first started…

  3. Yeah, this convoy is RIPE for the picking by the DOJ, FBI, and the Left. The Lef twould like nothing more than for another “insurrection” to take place running up to “Election” Day. As Ol’ Remus used to say, “Stay away from crowds.” Yelling, screaming, and waving flags are NOT a hill worth dying on. REAL PUSHBACK IS!

    I say the answer is to starve the beast; a massive, nationwide,case of the “Blue Flu.” A couple of weeks of massive tax losses will have the politicians screaming like girls. And to top it off, who are they going o be able to arrest for calling in sick?

    We HAVE the power, folks. We just need to be strong enough to USE IT.

    • 2 things: Few people can afford to not work for a few weeks….
      and the Fed (and both the D’s and the R’s) doesn’t care about money. At this point it’s just more deficit spending. Your idea won’t work and won’t matter to those that it is designed to affect.

  4. The Locals are 95% Hispanic. In other words, securing that part of the border is literally shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted.

    • And some of them are my kinfolk. Doesn’t mean they are mexicans, just of the same genetics.

      Careful what you imply. Most of those people in Del Rio are as American as you, if not as white.

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