Unaware of history

So I was returning some stuff at a Home Depot Friday afternoon and the young lady taking care of me commented on how warm and sunny it was outside….Warmer than she ever remembered.

“Must be global warming” she said.


“Actually, believe it or not, but the last 14 days haven’t even set a record”. Says I.

“you are serious, aren’t you?” she says, looking me in the eye.

“yep” I said. “But don’t believe me…. Pull out your phone and check. I’ll wait”

She did. It took her a few minutes. I waited.

This isn’t even close to a record, which is over 28 degrees warmer.  1930’s

She admitted that she was shocked.

“I always believed what they say about Global Warming. ” she says

“Never believe, Verify” says I.

“Yer good until they start changing the record so they can lie to you more easily. But the government and the media tell you things that just aren’t true. Never trust them”

I think I made her think a bit.


4 thoughts on “Unaware of history

  1. This is how its done. Listen to people. Nearly everyone drops something into what they say which is a door to further dialog.

    Reply with facts. Be cordial. Listen and talk to almost everyone you meet.
    I say almost because there are people not worth the effort.

    Make them think, get them to question the narrative.

  2. Yes…you made her think. But unfortunately it’s unlikely to become a habit.
    Buying the BS is simply too easy for most people.

  3. That’s why all of the hockey stick charts skip the 1930’s and before, those numbers represent a real “inconvenient truth.”

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