2 thoughts on “Of course I cannot condone this terrible act of vandalism…

  1. I see the things that are going on in the world right now, and I try and picture these things happening when I was in school. I graduated in 1978 from high school.
    First I have to say that I was both an athlete and very involved with just about everything in high school. From 4 different school sports, to playing baseball in an independent league in the summers, to being the president of our student council, to tons of things, I was super busy.
    I ran the food concession at home basketball games for the Varsity Club, I sold tickets at girls basketball games, I was a line judge in the girls Volleyball games. So I had a hand in just about everything that went on in high school, even being an All American Musician my senior year. If the modern liberal policies were to be enacted during my high school years, it most likely would have somehow affected me.
    So first when I say I was an athlete, I mean that I loved sports, and worked hard to excel at all of the sports that I played. As much as I loved sports in high school, if they forced girls to be allowed to participate in male sports, I don’t think that I could have played.
    From football, baseball, track, and wrestling, I would not have played with or against females. Not as a chauvinist or some macho type, but because there is just no way that you can win competing against girls. If you defeat a girl wrestling, they will say that it was due to the fact that you are just so much stronger, faster, etc. If you lost to the girl, you face ridicule and scorn from your peers.
    If they tried to make bathrooms allow male identifying females, I would certainly have fought it. As much as I love the naked female form, and as sexually driven as any other high school male, the bathroom is no place to have to worry about some transgender male possibly seeing or smelling, etc. things that happen in the bathroom, not to mention the implied forced vocabulary changes that high school males would face.
    I was a wrestler in high school, and after my match, I was in the locker room taking a shower. Two of the older guys on the wrestling team grabbed a cheerleader, that we called Mat Maids, and through her into the shower with me. That is something that not only pissed her off, but it pissed me off as well. Being as embarrassed as I was I did not report the event to anyone, and neither did the girl. But I will never forget the experience, and would hate to be forced to allow that sort of thing by a liberal administration. I imagine that the other way around, which is usually what we hear about, would be horrible for any girls in a bathroom or locker room, if forced to allow a biological male pretending to be female to insert themselves into what should be a safe space of the highest order.
    A tampon dispenser in the male bathroom would have likely been torn down back then. And nobody would ever say who did it. As an added note, these people making up the desired fall of America must be either stupid or morally bankrupt. Likely it is both.

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