Here’s a thought:

Don’t try to mix it all together. Don’t Fund Ukraine or any other country on the back of the taxpayer, don’t mix that with the border.

Close the fucking border to anyone….Mexicans, Chinese, or any other illegal.

Make ’em wait in Mexico or wherever until the current backlog of “immigrants” applying for asylum have had their cases adjudicated (and sent back if need be).

In the meantime, explain why Israel needs our money, or Ukraine, or Taiwan. All have a great deal of commerce, all have great economies (eve Ukraine) and can pay their own way. Taiwan and Israel have BOOMING economies. Ukraine sells a huge amount of gas and other petroleum products. What are they giving us in return for our deficit dollars?


But stop this bullshit on these giant fully inclusive bills. All this is is political theater and a delaying tactic to keep the southern border open allowing ever more invaders in without any filters. If you believe that the can’t close the border in a day, then you are an idiot. Neither side wants to do so.

Ask yourself WHY?

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    • I was going to cut and paste all of this article and send it to schumer….but, WOW, they want ALL of my information!
      What is that all about; yeah, I know they want to sort out his constituents from the rabble, but still.
      What are “they” doing? Getting a list together of the patriots for future reference?

  1. Didn’t the TOP say during the last election cycle that bills were going to be single purpose , not stuffed full of pork ? Why not an American border protection bill , then talk about the rest of this shit.

    • Such a bill is not needed. The Cobstitution says the border is to be secure. It is literally a primary reason for the existence of fedgov.

      More government, i.e., more bills, more laws, won’t solve this. Enforcement of the Constitution, enforcement of existing laws is the answer. Enforcement.

  2. Why?
    Because it is easier to hide the graft.

    Then, why hide it? Why hide it since The People won’t do anything about it. SCOTUS won’t jump in, they’re bought and sold as much as the Congress.

    Where The People do try to do something, they get squashed. They get squashed because too many of The People hold back.

  3. I agree that all bills should be stand alone, especially those that involve funding.
    With Taiwan, they make pretty much all of the Integrated Circuit chips that we in America need, so I can see sending them money for their defense.
    With Israel they are our only real ally in the middle east, and traditionally a solid supporter of the U.S. So I can also see sending them funding for military aid. Which by the way, I believe that they must spend all of the military aid on munitions from the U.S. military industrial complex.
    As for funding nations like Ukraine and others in their wars, that is in my view a misuse of American funding. It seems as if we did not learn anything from either Korea or Vietnam. The domino theory is just that, a theory. As was shown in both of those conflicts it just does not hold water.
    ALL funds spent on other nations should be debated in a lively manner in the congress, before we give the citizens of this country to those of other countries. Those billions they want to send to Ukraine comes out of your and my pocket.

    • “Those billions they want to send to Ukraine comes out of your and my pocket.”
      So do the billions they want to spend in Taiwan and Israel. These dollars too come out of our deficit.

      Unless, and until, the Unites States governs those countries they should get no money.

      Israel has an GDP of over half a trillion dollars, and Taiwan is well over a trillion. They can afford to pay for their defense. If not I am sure the US would be glad to take them in as a protectorate with the appropriate taxes and governance.

      Ukraine is a joke, and Billions of dollars already spent on “aid” have vanished as there is no oversight by the US.

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