So the border bill is here

And the Republicans say “Dead on Arrival”.


I’ll go 7:3 that the funding for Ukraine, Israel and other countries survives. Especially Ukraine….That the Border will not be closed, and that there will continue to be a flood of illegals crossing the border who will  be allowed to remain for years, if not forever, but there will indeed be more money spent on immigration, (just not closing the border).


I fully expect that the Republicans will once again demonstrate that they are spineless and do not care if their actions represent the people who voted for them, and that they will roll over and give the Democrats what they want.


I see that Joe thinks the same way as I do….Great minds think alike (Or run in the same gutter, depends on your viewpoint)

4 thoughts on “So the border bill is here

  1. I can’t disagree with anything you put forth.

    Betting on Republican pols to be jellyfish is a sure thing.

  2. The house passed their version 7 months ago… it was SIGNIFICANTLY different than this…bill

  3. This bill…or one even worse…WILL be passed. The RINOs WILL roll over and cave, like they always do. Count on it.

  4. The border ‘fix’ is already too advanced to be corrected. Three and a half years of Open Border fixed with this One Simple Trick. Nah.

    The number of illegals only speak of those WHO WERE CAUGHT. We do not know the true number of illegals, and possible terrorists who snuck through with the people only seeking a better life. Those will be revealed in a future time, like the radical Muslim who assimilated while learning how to fly airplanes for a future attack. And when this occurs, there will be finger pointing of who is to blame.

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