Well, now, that was a challenge:

So I went back yesterday to the Tuesday morning old boys shooting club at the range. I hadn’t ben there in the weeks leading up to the surgery and for a while afterwards. But you gotta keep on if yer gonna keep up, and like flying, shooting is a perishable skill.

Took the non-Ruger 10-22 “Vera” and a rest and a sandbag. Sitting, standing or kneeling. I did sitting ’cause I am not yet fully healed.


Today was a challenge. Firstly 10 rounds in a 3/8 square at 50 feet (indoor). Inside the square counts. Touching the line counts. Cutting the line is a miss.   Not that hard, but there were 10 squares. I went 91. This is with a scoped rifle.

Second Round was “Strike Anywhere” matches…again at 50 feet….. lighting the match counts. A flare counts. Broken match does not, even if it lights.10 shots done twice. I went 2 for 10 twice, which isn’t as good as I can do but not bad for not shooting for a month. I felt pretty good about my shooting.

Of course, Frank did 6 for 10 with a frikkin pistol. But he shoots more in a week than I do in a month, so there’s that.


All told it was fun to dip my toe back into the precision paper punching routine. As I heal, I think I can get back to my regular level of accuracy which just ain’t there right now. I gotta get my musculature back to steady up. It’s the shakes that are killing my accuracy

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