Democrat run for over 50 years

(and Black run for over 30)

Dixmoor, a Shithole suburb of Chicago, has had water infrastructure issues for over 30 years. They blame, of course, the old water pipes that whites left behind when they moved out 50+ years ago when the blacks moved in….and insist that the Federal Government must help pay for the repairs (replacing 100 year old water mains, filtration systems, etc). These failures are, after all, the fault of the previous owners from 50 years ago…

It couldn’t be that the democrat run government never made sure that their finances were in order to allow maintenance and replacement of the pipes and equipment (that, oddly, worked just fine for over 20 years after the democrat/black government took over.)… It couldn’t be a complete lack of maintenance for 20+ years or that a replacement plan for ageing infrastructure wasn’t ever implemented…or even that the water rates were so low (they bragged about how low their rates were) that there was never any money put aside for replacement of the infrastructure. ..Or that the operators and managers were put in place based on race/tribe rather than competency, leading to failures in maintenance and operation that damaged the water mains and filtration equipment with bad decision making caused by incompetence and lack of operator experience and training.

So now they are declaring an “emergency” hoping the Feds or the State will help.

But now, of course, it is the fault of the white men that left working infrastructure behind all those years ago……and the black run government is crying that they need the Federal government (or SOMEBODY) to pay to fix the system they have damaged with incompetence……’cause they certainly can’t do it themselves, both because they don’t know how and because they have spent the money for repairs on other things…


Life is a bitch when you are so short sighted that you can’t plan for the future.

Sadly, the rest of the state’s citizens will end up paying to bail out the short-sighted policies of the black/Democrat run local government. Me? If I had control every household would pay an assesment and the city would pledge the rest, with appropriate collateral, before they’d get a dime…..and it’d be as a loan, rather than a grant.

3 thoughts on “Democrat run for over 50 years

  1. same happened in jackson, ms. infrastructure fell to pieces as aunts and uncles and lovers got hired in key positions. finally the water pumps just quit, they begged more money from the state and got it, you know, race card. the money got spent with no improvement, rinse and repeat several times. finally the state sent white engineers down. they fixed it in a day, tried to show them how but they weren’t interested. a while later it broke down again but nobody will go help jackson, lol.

  2. Not remembering the entire story, but there was also some issue years ago with Dixmoor not paying their water bill either.

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