That pretty well shoots her chances

Of ever convincing me to vote for her (Not that I was a big fan of her anyway)


I mean, if Nikki Haley is being promoted by the folks at Saturday Night Live, then I certainly don’t want to have her as a presidential candidate…..



Let her be known by whom she associates with. So be it.

3 thoughts on “That pretty well shoots her chances

  1. The left does that every time. They call the real conservative ‘extreme’ and pick a soft right, pseudo lefty as someone who is ‘reasonable, a maverick, willing to work with the left, etc’.

    Then when or if they successfully convince the right to be ‘moderate’ and select the GOP candidate that they ‘support’ – then they go guns out in claiming that one is radical compared to the Dem that they really support.

    McCain was the media darling until he was the nominee. Same with Romney, Kasich, and Dole.

  2. Check out the photo of Nimrata Pantsuit standing with Reid Hoffman and Barack Obama on the tarmac.

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