Not so Fondly Fahrenheit

We are currently negative 11 (f) here, (plus or minus 2 degrees, my thermometer often varies a bit from the official temp by about that much, both ways). ‘Twas kinda cold last night, what with the 40 Mph winds and the actual temps the wind chill was well past 20 below.


But the woodstove is refilled from last night, the house is a balmy 71, The bacon is sizzling and the potatoes are crisping. Breakfast soon.

I just won’t go outside if I can help it.

I just hope Fred the outside cat is OK, he wasn’t waiting for food in his heated shelter this morning.

5 thoughts on “Not so Fondly Fahrenheit

  1. We stood at -40 overnite here in our valley.. Black Hills of South Dakota.

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