I get it, it’s fargin’ cold outside. 


Do you post Heat Index numbers in the summer??

I mean, when it is 97 degrees F and 98% humidity in the Midwest, it FEELZ like a lot hotter. Lots hotter than 108 in Arizona…..But the temp is still 97F.

Same is true of wind chill. High winds and cold temps make it FEELZ a lot colder.

But please, I knw you wanna make it seem that you got it worse than everyone else, but give the real thermometer temp when you tell us how bad you got it.

Currently right here it is -10F with a 45  MPH wind. That equates to a Wind Chill (the current nomenclature is “Feelz Like”) temp of -44F, But the real temp is negative 10. I’ve been in negative 40 F Real Temps (and even colder) and -40F is MUCH colder than negative 10. Those that have been in Real Cold know what I am talking about.

Be truthful in your statements, Ferinstance, it is not negative 40 in any part of the United States south of Canada, Not by the thermometer, anyway.


Here is a Wind Chill calculator if you are interested.


2 thoughts on “I get it, it’s fargin’ cold outside. 

  1. Yeah, “weather porn/hype” is one of 2,543,712 reasons I don’t watch news.
    I went out and shoveled this morning before 10 am and %@$!@( it was cold !!!
    In the wind and shade, it was insufferable, in the sun, it wasn’t too bad.
    Not going outside again until work on Tuesday !!!!

  2. How did anyone survive in years past without knowing the “feelz like” temperature?

    Anon 2

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