Insurrection ignored

Funny, innit, how these “Mostly Peaceful” protests are ignored by most of the media….I mean, this is an Approved Cause, so they see nothing wrong with it, and it doesn’t even get a mention of the Sunday News.

Thousands of protesters descend on the White House, damaging the security fence…it was bad enough that the staff was “relocated” for their safety. 

I’ll go 8:5 that no one is charged, or arrested for any of this. Not the participants nor the organizers. The DOJ won’t bother to investigate, nor will they use cell phone data nor facial recognition to identify these people for prosecution like they did the Jan 6th protesters…. . Everyone will walk away with no consequences.

Bet on it.

3 thoughts on “Insurrection ignored

  1. I’m actually hoping the stone age hoard breeches the walls and gets on the Whitehouse grounds.
    I just want to see the administration/media (redundancy noted) response….

  2. More of the lefts “rules are for thee, never for me”. And they are rubbing our noses in this reality. You get what you tolerate. The left knows this and continues to push the limits.

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