We were right.

So all of us “Conspiracy Theorists” are somewhat vindicated….at least when it come to Covid.

Anthony Fauci has admitted a bunch in congressional testimony.

We were right that it appeared that it was en engineered virus that was leaked from the Wuhan Lab.

We were right when we said that there was no science behind the “6 feet” separation distance.

We were right when we said that Trump made the correct call to restrict travel from China, even though he (Fauci) and the other “experts” (And Pelosi and many Dems) said it was the wrong call and was “racist”.

We were correct when we said that Fauci and others who worked under him did their best to silence other scientists and doctors who had differing opinions of treatment and protocols,

We were right that there was very little “science” in any of the responses to Covid, that it was, essentially, an engineered panic.


And that’s just what he has admitted to in the questions he’s been asked. What hasn’t he said, and what questions hasn’t he been asked?


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  1. I think there will be a lot more to come… And maybe, just maybe, a few heads will roll.

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