“Drill Baby Drill”

They laughed then, the Democrats (and the Media (but I repeat myself) ) when Ms Palin said it.

But it is the continued growth of the US oil Industry that has raised production (lots more oil and gas wells, as well as new technology), that has kept the supply of gas equal to or even better than demand…..and prices low…and kept us out from under the thumb of the Saudis’ and OPEC.

Otherwise you’d be paying $10 a gallon for gasoline

Of course, they’d prefer you drive an electric car, but at least you have the choice….and with relatively cheap oil you can still drive the superior technology of Fossil Fuel…

5 thoughts on ““Drill Baby Drill”

  1. “They” don’t want us driving electric cars… “They” don’t want us DRIVING…

  2. Yes…we still have a choice…for now. But the left is working assiduously to take that choice away. Their goal is the complete end to personally owned transportation.

  3. I think adversity in an industry is the best thing for that industry. So the article notes that “new technology” has brought about more oil/gas. I don’t see a down side in that. If we can get more “energy/calories/kilowatt’s out of machines/oil than so be it.
    People need to see adversity as a crucible. A refining of what is dross and what is good.

    • Absolutely. Innovate or fade away. Without adversity (be it less product/supply, higher costs, or more competition) innovation seldom happens.

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