Everyone is making a big deal about the Epstein “Pedo Flights” to his island and all the people that flew on his plane.

And we should make a big deal about that…. as pedophilia is a terrible thing, and we should root out those who practice it…. who prey on our young children, be they boys or girls, and punish them.

But Here’s the Thing. Lots of people knew what was going on at his island. LOTS of people. Not only in the US, at the airport where he loaded his plane, but also at the other end, where he checked those people in at customs, and those folks who did service jobs at the island…servers, cleaners, maintenance people, all the civil servants, etc.

And they did nothing, because he, and his other guests, were assumed to be rich and powerful. “Everyone” knew, and no one did anything.

Add in, (and I think this needs to be addressed, because they were complicit, even if only in their inaction and permission)  the parents/guardians…..who allowed young girls to travel to Caribbean island with an older man, unsupervised and unchaperoned, for days or weeks at a time,  without questioning that.

Young girl to her mom:

“Hey, Mom, this 45 year old guy wants to take me to his private island for a week, can I go?” 

What would YOUR mom or dad have said?

Any parent who allowed this was either paid for it, or completely clueless and stupid. Either way, complicit in the abuse of these children.

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  1. I saw that with parents living vicariously through their kids’ athletic exploits.

    I live near Michigan State (Larry Nassar) and parents were pushing their kids into gymnastics and figure skating and so on. The coaches knew exactly which buttons to push.

    Some parents said “BULLSHIT!!! My 11 year-old daughter is not going to Myrtle Beach for ‘Training’ ” and the coach dumped them.

    Other parents said “Let me write the check. I want my kid (and me) to be successful”

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