100% not a Fed.

Ray Epps, who we are told was absolutely not a Federal Agent, was sentenced for his role in the Jan 6th protest.

1 year Probation, a small fine and some community service..

Absolutely. Not. a. Fed. We know this because they told us so.

Of course there’s this promise from the DOJ about every single Jan 6 protestor “Merrick Garland promises that “the DOJ under President Biden has no intention of letting Jan. 6 participants off easy”…..But that somehow doesn’t apply to Mr Epps. Strange, that.

They can’t even lie convincingly.

And Joe Biden got more votes than any other president.



ETA: I wonder how many FedBois are actually rotting in prison because the FBI forgot about ’em?

3 thoughts on “100% not a Fed.

  1. “They can’t even lie convincingly.”

    Fact is, they lie, and don’t give a crap if you believe them or not… They’re untouchable…

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