Toldya (at least some of ’em, anyway)

Gonna piss off some people here: I got roasted last time I brought this up. Now we see that I was not entirely wrong.

I have always maintained that these women at the Pedo Island were not entirely innocent….That they had to know what was going on and acquiesced to it, especially if they returned to the island after the first time….That any girl (or boy, for that matter) who went to the island a second or third time had to know what was going on and was a willing accomplice to it.

(Those who are gonna roast me for “blaming the victim” should read the article before doing so)

Here we have proof from at least one “victim”.

“Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre claims Jeffrey Epstein paid her $15,000 to have sex with the duke when she was 17-years-old.”

Funny, innit, how everyone assumes that all these girls are “victims” and “innocent children” ….”And yes, I think that the behavior of Epstein and the men (and, apparently, women) who visited his island to use these young kids is terrible and should be punished.) But some young girls are pretty mercenary at that age…..I am sure that those who returned a second time enjoyed the attention, the fun, the party atmosphere, and the attention (and apparently the money).

It doesn’t make it right, and it doesn’t excuse the adult attendees who used these children. But I strongly doubt that the “victims” (and their parents)were all “unwilling” and “innocent” .



6 thoughts on “Toldya (at least some of ’em, anyway)

  1. They may have made decisions but the fact is they were not of an age to make those decisions. If 17 is old enough is 16? 15? 14?

  2. Technically, legally these people under 18 were victims. Just like Tracy Lord, who used a fake ID to become a porn star while a minor was a “victim”. It’s just one of the vagaries of our massively imperfect legal system. But most of Epstein’s victims were exactly that…victimized. But yes, it’s probable that a few of them were willing.

    • I can TECHNICALLY run you over with my car and only get ticketed for careless or reckless driving! Even tho you are dead.

  3. As twisted as it is/was, they were both ‘victims’ and predators if they were being paid…

  4. Yes, I said it all along, BYERS REMORSE. Not mature enough in the mind, just as todays youth cant see past tomorrow, they dont understand the consequences of their actions.

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