And now they are trying a new term:

Since “Migrants” failed to make people accept themĀ  and “Illegal Alien: doesn’t sit well with people, the new term is “Asylum Seeker”

I doubt that they can get that accepted either. The American People are growing ever more tired of the illegal alien invasion.

Use whatever terms you want, we know.

8 thoughts on “And now they are trying a new term:

  1. Just another instance where the left demonstrates that they effectively control our language which grants them significant control over society.

  2. So parasites, parasitic infestation, blood-sucking freeloaders,, Chinese invasion force, WEF/Soros-orchestrated invasion force, disease transmission vectors and similar are out?

  3. Why do we have to let them in? I know Trump tried to stop them and couldn’t. So why?

    • The left does not ask permission to do what the are doing. They simply act. And the ONLY way to stop them is by physical force, violence. They simply ignore ALL other attempts to stop their abusive misconduct. The ONLY language the left hears, respects and will obey is the universal language. Violence. And if asked, they will openly tell you that fact.

      • If you feel so strongly that violence is the answer, stop talking about it and get to it boy.
        Maybe you can find others to follow your lead.

        Y’know, Dan, I gotta ask, are you a Fed? You sure seem like an agent provocateur in that you always, nearly every single post that you reply to, advocate violence.
        It gets tiresome and makes me suspicious…..
        Is Ray Epps one of your coworkers? How about Stephen Robeson or Dan Chapel?
        Enough of this. If you wanna preach violence, go elsewhere. Find another blog to do it at.

        Once more and I mark you as blocked. It’s that simple.

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