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Why we lose even when the conservatives win.

It’s the real reason the establishment is working so hard to keep Donald Trump from running again. They know we won’t stand for the election shenanigans that happened last time. Most of us don’t really want Trump, but we want someone like him, and there currently isn’t anyone else…..

And they know that if he is elected, this time he won’t let the “mandarins” from hobble him from doing what he thinks needs to be done.

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  1. The GOP fails to accomplish anything because they don’t want to accomplish anything. The GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC. A few (R) congress critters are not owned, but most are. And the right is operating with both hands tied behind the back….because our side believes in RULES whereas the left has just one rule. WIN! By whatever means required. As !ong as these are the facts of American politics t be left can’t lose and we will never win or accomplish anything meaningful. At this point it’s all we can do to keep from losing ground, from seeing more on our wealth, more of our comforts, more on our Rights to negated and destroyed. We do NOT had a two party system And haven’t for decades. We have ONE party with two faces…both corrupt.

  2. I don’t understand why this is such a common talking point: “Most of us don’t really want Trump” when there isn’t anything presented that supports that position.

    Quite the contrary. If folks don’t want Trump then who are all the people supporting him and attending his rallies?

    I think it is a false premise. I believe he is *exactly* what people want.

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