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It occurs (yet again) to me that the Israeli-Palestinian issue shows the complete and utter failure of the UN.

They’ve kept the issue from being resolved for years, yet they’ve also done nothing about the “Plight” of the “Palestinians” over those same years.

It’s almost like they want the issue to continue.


The Palestinians,, during that time, have helped terror groups hide amongst them, have totally trashed the areas set aside for them, have mismanaged the resources of their areas (aquifers, for but one example), have failed to do anything but breed more “Settlers” and have never done anything productive or constructive. And the UN had always made excuses for them.

And they are doing so again. Any other ethnic group that made war on another would have at least some condemnation by the UN, but these people instead are not. In fact, the UN is totally useless to both sides. Decrying the violence being meted out by Israel against the cancer that Gaza has become all the while failing to stop the attacks against Israel….and letting the funding for those groups (Hamas) doing the attacking continue.

Again and again, the UN shows us no reason to continue funding them and their exorbitant costs…and occupying some really expensive land and buildings in New York City…and every reason to end them as a working body….at least on the dime of the US, anyway. Let Brussels fund them.

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  1. United Nations Relief and Works Agency UNRWA is a UN agency just for Palestinians. Budget of USD $1.5 billion a year. Every year. That is a lot of money to spread around.

  2. There are no ” Palestinians”, that is an artifical ethnic group created by the globalists, using a geographical area for the label.

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