A point to ponder….

It ain’t just Israel, either….Even Egypt does not want the “Palestinians”..


And they are keeping the border wall closed to “Humanitarian supplies” going over to Palestine as well as keeping those people from crossing over to Egypt.,

Why is it that no one wants these people and their immediate neighbors are hindering any aid to them?

One wonders if they are truly the trash that people say they are when no  one wants them.


2 thoughts on “A point to ponder….

  1. the saudis and uae both issued a “red line” saying flat out they will not be taking any palestinian refugees. what happened to the koran “help a brother out” theme? funny that the entire arab world is upset at the israelis but won’t take a single refugee. a friend from the area says the arabs think of the palestinians as “human lice”. wherever they go they create havoc and misery. they were given refuge in several countries only to be kicked out for waging war against the very people helping them. hamas is even willing to kill great numbers of them to further their own aims. i now see how genocide becomes a thing.

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