Double standards for Rich Kids and Liberals….

‘Tis funny, those folks who did Blackface, or made what today are “racially insensitive” comments back in college 20 or more years ago are slammed today….castigated for them, and statements or actions from 20 years ago can be dredged up today and affect your employment status, your social standing, your ability to be a judge or a governor,  etc.  (at least if you are not some of the darlings of the Liberals, anyway)

But we should be tolerant of the folks who made the statements supporting the terrorists of Hamas…because “the students should be able to make mistakes in college and learn and grow over time as they’re presented with more information

I could tell the difference between terrorism, mass murder, hate crimes and anti-Semitism long before college. I’d bet you could too, and so can kids in High School today. We generally knew “wrong” from “right”… Standards may have changed a bit, but still, there were lines where everyone know which side they wanted to be on.

Making excuses for these kids is agreeing with their stance. Failure to condemn their stance is horrible, and shows your bias. There is no excuse for these rich Harvard kids’ position on terrorist acts. Period. They should be blacklisted.