So if the Arabs….

Decide they don’t like the US actions regarding support of Israel and cut off or restrict the oil….(and they might just do it….as the leadership of the Arab world is not that terribly enlightened when it comes to Palestine)


How’s that depletion of the Strategic Petroleum ReserveĀ  by more than half gonna work out?

Thanks Joe.

(remember, most of the Hamas Leadership are guests of the Qatari government)

5 thoughts on “So if the Arabs….

  1. even if oil producing countries do not care about the gazans, raising the price of oil would be profitable and the governments could claim to be doing something for the gazans. maybe a good time to keep a few full gas cans in storage.

  2. they have been kicked out of every arab country that gave them refuge. the saudis sided w/ israel last time they had troubles. i think qatar and maybe yemen will be outliers in their support of hamas. well, then there’s iran. sinking an oil tanker in the suez would def put a spike in the oil market. and if i were a betting man i’d bet joe depleted the sor well below half. we’ll soon see.

  3. …All the better to jam EV’s down America’s throat…

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