Rules for only one side?

President Joe Biden urged Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday to “follow the rules of war” after the Israeli prime minister vowed to destroy Hamas following the Palestinian militants’ brutal attack.

Who is making Hamas and their suppliers “Follow the rules of war”? Seems that they instead targeted civilians and used terror tactics….which means the gloves are off, as far as “Rules”.

Of course, they hide behind the civilians, then cry about civilian casualties. (And, of course, those civilians also shelter them, so there’s that).

I find it sorta amusing that the entire world wants to hobble the response by Israel, That they don’t want the sort of wrath that is deserved unleased upon the people that harbor, hide, supply and support the attackers.

If Hamas had done this to any European country, they’d not care about the Rules of War . There would be no rules enforced if they attacked New York, or Houston…..

As I learned a long time ago….”Don’t want none, Don’t Bring none”.


2 thoughts on “Rules for only one side?

  1. I think Israel IS going to ‘bring it’, and the world is going to go “WHOA!”

  2. It’s ALWAYS been this way. The muzzies get froggy. Israel starts opening a can of whip ass. . After a few days the people really in charge start pressuring Israel to back off…or lose support. Rinse and repeat every few years. The globalists in power do not want Israel to solve the problem of the Palis and their terrorism. It’s too useful. This time will not be any different . Israel will not be allowed to get rid of their problems because the situation is useful for the globalists.

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