So why is everyone making a Big Deal

about the fact that a bunch of Americans were killed in the latest Palestinian violence against Israel?


These were people ,living amongst the Israelis, indistinguishable from the native population. They were treated the same as any other Israeli by the attackers….who likely didn’t care who they were.

Are we hearing about the english, the French, the Finns, etc that were killed (If there were any)…..why should their citizenship be a factor? (Likely the “Americans” were dual citizens anyway) They were living as, and acting as, Israelis.


Or am I missing something? It isn’t like Hamas specifically targeted “Americans”….or had targeted an embassy or something.


2 thoughts on “So why is everyone making a Big Deal

  1. Your missing the propaganda value for TPTB on the run-up to WW-3. Wait till we start invading to rescue hostages.

  2. Tribalism. Stir up the tribe so you can make use of the anger. The criminals in power truly don’t care if or how many Americans die. Only that the fact they did is politically useful.

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