Nope nope Nope

Like I need a GoldDigger….

So we did some balancing of the fuel regulator on the 340 to see if we could get a handle on why 2 cylinders seem to be overheating….

And then I took it up for a short test flight ….which showed we may be onto something.


But when I landed and taxiied back, there was a woman with a camera taking photos of planes in the hangar. As I was getting the tug so I could put the plane away, she asked me “Is this your plane or do you just fly it for someone else”?

I told her that it was, indeed my plane. (I assumed she was one of the many “Planespotters” we have hanging around the airport taking photos of planes. (Never figured out for sure how that works, but apparently the more planes you get photos of, the higher you stand among your peers or something)) She gushed about my 340, but I got the impression that she wasn’t that much of a plane person…

So then she introduced herself. I gave her my first name, and politely told her I needed to put the plane back before it rained.

She waited until I had done so, and, as I was putting the door down (you gotta hold the button in all the way down ) asked if she could take more photos of the 340 in the hangar and then asked me if I was married…..I replied no, I was not.

Then she winked at me, and told me that I looked like her third husband.

I asked her how many times she had been married.

She told me “Twice”. (Nothin’ like puttin’ it out there right up front!)

I luckily remembered that I suddenly had an appointment and had to leave. Damn, look at the time!

I got more than enough trouble with troublesome women in my life. Don’t need that. But I guess if yer that kind of girl, then places where people who have expensive toys is a good place to look…… I mean, I park my plane next to a million dollar (plus) Cirrus SR-22T and there are others there that are worth well in excess of a half million bucks…





5 thoughts on “Nope nope Nope

  1. I am appalled and incredulous. That there are people that forward and – AND! – so open to her plans. Course, boorish.
    Who let her onto the airport? Long gone are the days of just walking in off the street.

    Anyway, I have been curious of how often you travel across different regions. It seems that you’ve put together a real cross country machine, so naturally I wonder if you would, say get to other parts of the country.

    I understand that may seem too personal. Certainly you don’t have to answer. I’ve flown in and around 27 of 32 regions of the lower 48 so I am simply curious.

    • Access to the airport and hangar is easy. No gate, nothing. Hangar door was open, (but people around). You CAN walk onto most airports (GA airports, anyway) with little issue. Not all, but most. Lots of time there is a gate, maybe, but unlocked. Security is just for show at best.

      I am just getting the plane ready enough to do those CC trips. Been to the southeast a bit and Texas a few. Lots of Middle America stuff. Remember, I lost most of a year due to delays getting engine parts. {edited}

      As for the chickie at the airport, well, she was at least honest. Not my type, and I don’t need someone like that. Lots of ladies out there like her though. It is, after all, called “The Oldest Profession” for a reason….

  2. “Planespotters”
    My uncle used to be one of those “trainspotters”
    Yeah, watch out for plane groupies !!!!

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