So he shows the police….

What a real capable person can do….

Danelo Cavalcante is showing the police what a real, competent, motivated person is capable of….not the average half drunk country Schmoe/mope that they usually chase or the average inner city criminal….Someone competent is pretty hard for them to find and arrest.

He’s resourceful, he’s gotten outside of their search perimeter TWICE, he’s intelligent and he is capable. If he were be motivated to do more than just staying out of custody he’d be very dangerous, especially to the police who are hunting him. They outnumber him a thousand to one and he is making a mockery of them and their efforts.

If he were actively hunting them, they’d be decimated (or worse).

I hope they keep this sort of individual (and there are a LOT of us) in mind when they decide to enforce a gun ban, or martial law in the areas outside of the city…..

ETA 8:04 Central: He has, apparently, finally been captured after 14 days of evasion. He sure tied up a lot of police resources for just one guy….and he wasn’t even shooting at the cops. Imagine if he had been…..

5 thoughts on “So he shows the police….

  1. Multiply him by a hundred….add in the two way range factor… and you have a recipe for mass confusion not seen on a scale in this country for who knows how long. A thousand true dedicated patriots could tie the government into knots.

  2. I wonder if the rifle or its ammunition were purposefully put out hoping he would take it with him. A tracking device inserted on it / them would then have his location pin pointed. Extra charges of illegality are also on the table as well, extending his stay.

    Arming the felon is a bad idea, but if it gets the perp caught faster …

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