Like it was organized by Pete Buttigieg


Example of the ineptness of the Biden administration folks….they cannot even organize something like this without screwing up…

Energy Secretary Granholm did a trip in electric (coal powered) vehicles.….

The results were as one might expect. Broken chargers, not enough chargers for the convoy, slow charging and even having the police called on them for “Gas vehicles blocking chargers” (seems that they sent gas powered vehicles ahead to find and hold chargers for the cars in the convoy…..which other EV owners needing to charge found less than amusing).

Of course, they weren’t driving Teslas, because they wanted to support union built coal powered electric vehicles, so they couldn’t charge the cars rapidly….

What a debacle.

Funny how they are willing to subsidize privately owned public use chargers (that charge for the electricity) in certain areas where chargers are scarce….Have you ever heard of the FedGov ever subsidizing a fossil fuel station in an area where one was needed?


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