22 years

Yeah, Like the Challenger disaster, that day is indelibly written in my memory.

But when the anniversary comes around, I still remember. I will NEVER forget….It happened, Our country was attacked by those who hate us for who we are. Aided and financed by Rich Saudi Princes. Muslims that hate our freedoms and our way of life. Not all muslims, but many.

Having said that, after 22 years, I don’t have much else to say.

But, unlike others, I will not forget …..nor has it faded, nor has it’s importance waned.

For those people, forgetting and uncaring, or unwilling to acknowledge the day because it is too much trouble, are the reason it may happen again. It won’t if I can help it.



3 thoughts on “22 years

  1. Larry Getzfred, Jack Punches, Joe Pycior- NCC in the Pentagon. I WILL NOT FORGET.

  2. Any Muslim that doesn’t hate the west and isn’t supporting our total destruction is considered an apostate by the other muzzies. They are to be murdered even before us apostates. You simply CANNOT be a Muslim and NOT support the jihad on ALL non muslims.

  3. The events…. the sounds… the images… forever imprinted on my psyche.

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