They Steal Alot

Instead of Thousands Standing Around….the TSA has a new moniker…..

Seems that surveillance cameras caught at least three TSA agents (that we know about) stealing from people’s luggage at the screening station.

At least two of them, however will not be arrested nor charged…no jail time even with video evidence. Of course, the TSA officialdom says “Any employee who fails to meet our fundamental ethical standards is held accountable.”. except, of course, they aren’t holding them accountable.

One might notice that the three TSA agents likely don’t have ancestors from northern Europe, if you know what I mean. (yeah, I know, racist of me to point that out….but ignoring it doesn’t change the fact….)


Remember, diversity is our strength, so they hire people like the folks in the above article…. and the standards are low so that everyone can meet them. TSA folks can be felons, don’t even need a high school diploma, etc. The lowest common denominator. And it shows.

This time, the TSA could not hide the thefts. But even now they do their best to let these people go.



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