‘Tis funny

Watching the News anchors do their best to argue the government case against Trump.

They are doing their best to tell everyone how guilty Donnie is, the best they can to try him in the Media.


Funny, back when he was Vice President, Pence was a terrible person, was a “Christian Maniac”…..Now, of course, he is a sane, trustworthy person…(as long as his testimony damages Trump_..).


I b=think this shows us that the case against Trump is weak, and the Media folks are aware of that…and think their commentary will make a difference. They are, however, salivating at the thought of Trump’s conviction.

They are SO afraid of him. They fear him running, as they KNOW he will win beyond the Margin of Cheat.

But, of course, you know, and I know,  that our great Leader,  Joseph Biden, won fair and square, despite not campaigning and that he got the Most Votes Ever…and there is No Doubt About the Election Results. (unlike FULLY a Third of the people in this county who believe that there was Election Fraud)

3 thoughts on “‘Tis funny

  1. Part of Spygate involved a female that worked for the FBI and they were allegedly using her to cultivate an insider person on the Trump Whitehouse.
    She was the wife of Pence’s COS……….

  2. Point of Order:

    The last reasonably reputable polls on the topic indicated that something closer to 60-70% of Americans of voting age believed the 2020 election was fraudulent.

    The number edges deeply into even the Leftard Moonbat demographic.

  3. I’d really like to see that poll.

    All the ones I found showed that 70% of Conservatives felt that way, but not all Americans.

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