The one thing the media won’t say

Is “Black”:.


Yeah, the action on Sunday was all Black “Teens” …a couple of hundred “Children” mobbed a 7-11 in a spontaneous action. Trashing the store and stealing much of the contents. 40 people were arrested on Misdemeanor charges. Likely out in hours.

But no one will point out that there is not one white, nor Jewish, nor Hispanic, nor Amish nor Asian face in the crowd.

They do their best to hide the truth….but they can’t. Organized mobs of black “Kids” are gathering and mobbing retail establishments. Until they start telling the truth about who (and what) these mobs are, they’ll never address the issues. Nor, it appears, are they attempting to find out who is organizing these actions.


And Black people wonder why no one wants to do business in their neighborhood or why groups of black kids are seen as criminals who just haven’t yet done something bad today.

If I handed you a jar of 1000 pieces of delicious candy and told you that I had rubbed 3 of them on my ass, how many would you eat? 


One thought on “The one thing the media won’t say

  1. White “do gooding” liberals have been the worst thing for the black culture.
    Absolute shame that black leaders don’t see this and start taking control….
    Until they speak out and demand change and action (of their own people), this will continue to get more feral.

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