And in New York too

avoid the area surrounding Union Square Park & use alternate routes. Expect a police presence in the area and residual traffic delays

Thousands of people have overrun Union Square Park and surrounding lanes of traffic Friday as a popular Twitch streamer held a video game giveaway.

Bottles and bricks tossed ,police attacked, cars trashed, businesses looted, etc. Same story, Same behavior, same people, different day.

And again, it is just a “crowd”…and “People”.

But the photos tell the tale.

It ain’t whites, latinos, asians, Amish, etc. It’s Blacks.

And they are doing more to harm the publics view of black people in general than anything the White Supremacists types could do.

Act like animals.

(and I must be old, but WhoInTheFuck is “Kai Cenat”?

2 thoughts on “And in New York too

  1. Is that even a nog name, without gratuitous apostrophes and hyphens?

    Sooner or later, someone on the left is going to go rogue and admit *who* it is causing all the mayhem and chaos in AINO. At that point, it will be Game On. If the po-leeze think they are overwhelmed now by unruly crowds of chimping dindus, just wait until the AR-15s come out of the gun safes and into the capable hands of White men who Just Wanted To Be Left Alone.

  2. I let your comment pass, even though you are skirting the edges of my rules on racist-speak. You sound like a classless leftist with your polarity reversed. Insulting your opponent with cheap words shows fear. Disrespecting him shows inferiority. Do better

    You point is well made, but please, tone it down a bit in future comments.
    Or don’t, and you won’t be allowed to comment here.

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