9 thoughts on “The erasure continues

  1. I DGAF what these woke-ass libturds rename military installations. I’m a Damn Yankee, and I am PROUD TO STATE FOREVER that I served at Fort Gordon, GA and Fort A.P. Hill VA. ANYONE that tries to “correct” me will be sorry and probably skulk away in tears.

      • @Matthew W: That’s OK, since I am never offended by the words of another. I do wish for the day I see the northeast in my rearview mirror as I head for places I am more at home with the people and politics. I am an outlier here.

  2. Half of West Virginia is named (via tax dollars) after Robert “KKK Sheets” Byrd.
    A man who literally may have actually done physical violence to black people……
    Democrats are liars, cheaters and hypocrites.

    • BTW, Matthew, I can’t read your blog because it insists I accept cookies…..and I won’t do that. You might wanna see if you can fix that.

        • MC gets it as well. Not the VPN. Happens on or off the VPN.

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  3. Dammit they could have renamed the forts after later generals, Patton, Stillwell, Bradley. What a bunch of jerkwads. Jeez Louise!!

    • nope, they were white males. i guess they ran out of black/lgbtqxyz heroes.

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