At some point…

It’s gonna come down to axe handles and baseball bats

I think at that point the “Pride” folks will learn the lesson that they aren’t welcome to indoctrinate the children. That their behavior is way past the “Acceptance” that they claimed they wanted…..Of course, it’s gonna go hard on the Pride folks, but that is the way of such things, innit?

Heightened security, including Los Angeles Police Department officers, was in place at a protest over a Pride Month recognition on the campus of Saticoy Elementary School. The protesters, some wearing shirts that read “Leave Our Kids Alone,” carried signs featuring the same phrase and others, including “No Sexualizing Our Kids,”


At some point, these parents are gonna go farther, and someone is gonna get hurt. So far, the parents have been non-violent, but if peaceful protest doesn’t work,,,,,,

5 thoughts on “At some point…

  1. Society remains “civilized” only so long as the rights of others are respected, and the justice system addresses the issues when they are violated. First society is stolen from to fund the worthless schools that expose children to degeneracy, then parents are arrested when they complain, then DAs let overt criminals go free because of the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. So the vast majority are witnessing the abject failure of government and societal structures meant to foster civil behavior. Indeed, the future promises to get very ugly…justifiably so.

  2. Perhaps eventually some angry people will make the pedophiles feel some real pain. But as soon as that happens they will be CRUCIFIED by the legal system.
    Anarcho tyranny…which the left is using on a daily basis means that the people perpetrating evil are never held accountable and are even protected by the system while anyone resisting them will feel the full might and power of the legal system and it’s inherent evils. You do NOT target the lefts minions. That just gets YOUR ass tossed in jail. You target the leftists IN CONTROL. THEY are making the decisions and calling the shots. They don’t care how many of their minions are harmed. Minions are disposable. Go after the people IN CONTROL. It’s the only thing that will work to stop the evil.

    • So we plan on confronting both at the same time, works for me, the pedos still need their comeuppance.

  3. One wonders how long it will take, and what will finally set it off…

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