I’m kinda starting to get nervous

And REALLY glad that I don’t live in a larger city.


Yet another call, this time from a college perfesser in DC calling for Five Million Dollars in “reparations” to black people.

This time he has a bunch of folks from the UN pushing behind him…….

I’m not gonna get into the reasons for or against this idea….but I am gonna say this:


There isn’t enough money for that across the country. Never was, and never will be. No way/no how. It just ain’t gonna happen. You know it, I know it, and anyone smarter than hot dogs knows it.

But what happens when all that hope being generated among uneducated black people is denied, when they realize that the “promised” money isn’t gonna materialize? Then what? How many are gonna decide to Get Their Share from Whitey? Decide to take their disappointment out on the cities and the other people with different color skin…


I think it’ll make the Black Lives Matter “Mostly Peaceful” protests look like a rowdy party. Things will get REALLY sporty really quickly. Really bad real fast. Really really fast.

Bet on it. Those communities always have had really low flashpoints and high volatility even before we had Social Media to move it along even faster. Add in professional agitators in the communities…..you can figure the result.

If you live near…..have a plan to bug out. No other way do you survive if you are white, indian, chinese or hipanic. You can’t fight a crowd of a hundred (or more) by yourself no matter how well armed you might be. Have a bug out plan that can be put into action in MINUTES, not hours. Just run.



9 thoughts on “I’m kinda starting to get nervous

  1. It is pandering at its worst, and most dangerous.

    It will never pass, unless the politicians who vote for never want to be re-elected, and that is their greatest fear. Non-blacks are more than just a majority.

  2. It may also be celestial bargaining – claim you want $5 million each, then it makes it seem more palatable and “reasonable” to end up with taxpayers doling out $500k each. Never-mind of course that the whole reparations concept is ridiculous in this case – from those who never had slaves to those who never were slaves. That debt has more than been paid off in full. The set-offs alone should dwarf any funds given.

  3. Saw ‘Finding your Roots” on PBS with a black actor who played Hamilton. Ancestors were never slaves on dad’s side and mom had some way back in early 1800’s who were slaves, but in Barbados. Wonder how many can actually trace back to slavery in America?

  4. Remus, over at the Woodpile Report, was of the opinion that Blacks would be hammered in those in communities where Hispanics equaled or exceeded Blacks.

    His reasoning was that Hispanics seemed more organized and had organizations they could “form up on” for command-and-control. That is, the Cartels.

    It was also his opinion that a cadre of Hispanics joined the military to learn tactics and weapons. It was not a side benefit. It was the main reason they joined.

  5. What about the Irish (the first actual slaves in the US)?

  6. i say give them the cash. in a week or ten days half of them will be dead, o/d’d or killed for their share. in a month or so the rest will be broke again having spent all their reps on bling and wheels bought from white men, putting the money back into the economy. or better yet, stipulate they leave the country for the cash. we’ve been paying reps to them for 160 plus years. i think they owe us money by now. where would they be if their ancestors hadn’t been brought here? chucking spears for a living, if not genocided by other tribes by now…..one day the gravy train will end, the ebt won’t work, and they’ll show their asses once again. i believe everybody is tired of their b/s this time.

  7. I fully support reparations for former slaves.

    Every one alive who was indentured as a slave prior to 1865 should get full recompense, and it should be charged to everyone alive who owned slaves prior to that time.

    Without consulting the census records, I’m pretty sure there are no 160-year-olds living anywhere in the U.S., so this should settle the matter with finality.

    Anyone else should stop trying to commit reparation fraud, STFU, and get back to work.

    Anyone receiving any government largesse should have their welfare payments docked until they’ve repaid their share of the cost of death benefits for 360,222 men serving in the Union Army from 1861-1865 who died to achieve their freedom. Those payments should include interest accrued since 1865.
    If what they owe exceeds their welfare checks, so be it, until they’re repaid the benefit they gained.

    Anyone traced to genealogical lines that didn’t arrive here until after 1865 gets bupkus, and continued whinging gets them federal prosecution for fraud, and a stint at hard labor building a border wall from Brownsville to San Ysidro. Anyone making claims while on a green card gets their resident alien status revoked, and they get shipped back to wherever they came from, same day, with no appeal, and no eligibility for future immigration.

    Fair is fair.

    The issue would go away by about 9:01AM the day that was announced.

  8. “Reparations” is a method to weaponize black hatred. The concept is fully intended to cause the White Man’s Burden to take it to the streets.

    You have my sympathy.

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