Things like this give me hope

for the Republic, and and it’s people that make it strong:

Firstly: This gem  from “Area Ocho”

Made me get all misty eyed. I don’t know where and I don’t know when it happened.

But when I tried to find out that info as to where/when, I also came across this:

Crowd sings national anthem after announcer says it wouldn’t be played

(California, no less! Now this was back in 2018, but still…)


It must take a very special kind of stupid to decide to forego the national anthem at ballgames and such. Personally I think the crowd should take the time (and physical effort) to make sure the person choosing to not have an Anthem understands the error of their ways…..”pour encourager les autres”…





One thought on “Things like this give me hope

  1. Concur. I have seen it once when the PA system went out and the crowd did it on its own. Impressive!!!

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