So the truth

is trickling out about the multiple tens of thousands of people killed by the medical establishment because they were unnecessarily put onto a ventilator  during the Covid-19 crisis in early 2020.

Again, we see the fact that the medical establishment failed to practice MEDICINE and instead followed the fashion-of-the-moment in care rather than actually diagnosing and treating individual patients infected with the Chinese virus.

It appears that nearly 50,000 people were put on ventilators even when they failed to meet the criteria for their use….but that was the current treatment trend and so medical establishments just followed it….even though the use of the ventilator was likely more dangerous than the disease itself.

Medical Fashion rather than actual Medical Science.

And they wonder why people don’t trust the medical establishment anymore…..It’s because they have trashed their credibility as badly as the FBI.

To be fair, at the time many doctors said that the ventilators were being overused…but they were shouted down by the medical establishment leaders.

All that hype for a bug that was (for most people) not too much worse than a bad case of flu. Add in the number of people who died WITH covid rather than FROM covid, and I wonder how many people whose deaths were actually excess because of covid.

We’ll likely never know.


5 thoughts on “So the truth

  1. When you spend a quarter million or more to become a doctor you are reluctant to contradict the criminals in power who can have your license to practice revoked on a whim. A few did oppose the establishment criminals…and paid a steep price. Most can’t afford to. They still owe on loans for med school. And to the bean counter assholes who run hospitals…there are no patients, just billing opportunities. They do whatever gets the most reimbursement regardless of medical appropriateness. The system is so corrupt it overrides the skills and abilities that make American medicine better than other places. And it’s all part of the commies plans to destroy America.

  2. Personally speaking, that’s pure b.s.
    We only put people on ventilators during COVID because they were entering respiratory failure.
    The choice, at that point, is ventilator, or death shroud after you watch them die.
    That’s a no-brainer.
    And it automatically makes a patient an ICU admission.
    Which was the last thing we needed during COVID.
    So it’s always the choice of last resort, in every possible sense.

    But I wasn’t at thousands of hospitals back east or anywhere else.
    Someone could have been that stupid.
    CAtegorically, anybody doing “early ventilation” there or anywhere was jackassically stupid, just for openers for violating all medical standards of care, and should be prosecuted like Nazi war criminals if they did it.
    Criminally, not just civilly.

    The whole story doesn’t pass the smell test, but it’s not so far beyond the realm of possibility to rule it absolutely impossible everywhere. Just dumber than a bag of hammers.

    Nonetheless, putting people on ventilators didn’t kill them.
    That was still COVID.

    Still, stupid things happen in health care. Sometimes.
    50,000 times??
    That would require everyone, everywhere to be that stupid.
    Yeah, no.
    Like bringing-a-Bigfoot-carcass-to-the-TV-station level of unlikely.

    Claiming 50,000 occurrences is in the category of pulling-numbers-out-of-someone’s-underpants statistics. From the same people who gave you second-hand smoke deaths, and global warming “data”.

    Doctors don’t operate in a vacuum, nor blinded to everything but a paycheck. Especially with 1,000,000 trial lawyers cruising for malpractice fees 24/7/365.

    So the exact ratio of truth-to-bs in that story is unknown.
    But both are present, beyond much doubt.
    I get the feeling no one was particularly concerned about separating one from the other when they wrote that.

    • You may be correct.
      But it fits in with all the other things the Medical Professionals followed blindly, without thinking. Just “Procedure” you know.
      Not all, and not even most, I would bet. But many. How many died due to being put on the ventilator even when they didn’t need it? I dunno. The number is much greater than one, however.

      Weak people are always willing to do what weak people always do.

      • Most likely.

        But after the initial months of experience, putting anyone on ventilators was severely curtailed, because it was usually a one-way trip.
        And that was widely disseminated.

        That’s why I doubt those numbers.

        Did it happen more than once? Almost certainly.
        More than 100, let alone 1000 times? Probably not.
        50,000 times, FTR is more than auto deaths in a year plus deliberate non-suicide gun deaths in a year, combined.
        (IOW, even amidst a pandemic, folks would notice.)
        Click bait headlines and shoddy “journalism”, far more likely.

        This is the same media that was telling us (and still is, straight-faced) the Jab was “safe and effective”.

        Medical credibility isn’t the only thing to get torpedoed and sunk in the last 3 years.

        • All I know for sure is the original article is derided by Politifact, which makes it very likely that there is some truth the what it says……

          We’ll likely never know one way or the other….

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