So now Kohls, as well



So we have Bud light, Target, North Face, and now Kohls.

All pushing the trans agenda, with Target and Kohls pushing it for KIDS as well.

Each brand thus damaging their sales and reputation.


So where is this coming from. Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, three times enemy action….and now a fourth.

Someone is pulling the strings to make this happen. Target and Kohls had to have their orders in about a year ago for products to be available to put on the shelf today….so this plan had to be in place at least 12 months ago. Add in Bud Light’s stupidity just before the Target debacle, and it seems to be more than a coincidence….

Even yet, neither Target nor Kohls chose to not continue…to not stop and to not put the merchandise and the merchandising on hold (or cancel it completely) even after seeing what happened to Bud Light/InBev. Someone is attempting to push this, and that someone has the power to influence major chains like Target and Kohls….and a plan to make it all happen at the same time. Someone has the ability to force 2 major retailers to keep the push on and try to sell trans merchandise even in the face of the rejection by the public of Bud Light over an ad campaign. Someone to force this even with them knowing how much it would hurt them financially.  (I am assuming that North Face is just “Woke and Stupid”, trying to follow, but there may be something sinister there as well).

I’m not gonna tell ya to put on yer tinfoil fedora just yet, but it is looking more and more like someone (or someones) has not only the intent to push the Trans agenda onto the rest of us, even in the face of opposition, but  the POWER to force major chains to do so even knowing they will face major backlash from their customers and face great financial damage in doing so….. They can’t be stupid enough to not know what was going to happen once the Bud Light idiocy happened. Yet they continued their path.

I cannot believe that the folks running Target, and Kohls got their positions by being that stupid……so even if they are Woke and Liberal, They must have known what was coming…..they must have been forced to continue even in spite of the damage they had to know they would take.


I find that thought scary. Someone has the power to force huge corporations to do things they know will lose BILLIONS….that is real power. What else can they do?

7 thoughts on “So now Kohls, as well

  1. Follow the money back to the ‘big’ investors… THEY are driving this crap.

  2. You know, this all might not be happening if that transweirdo did not go public with the beer cans……..

  3. The good thing is that neither these retailers, nor their investors, can force us to purchase their products or support their agendas. But…government has shown a remarkable propensity lately to wallow around in the stoopid pool – who knows what the future will bring.

  4. Yep, the big investors with their ESG requirements for business to get funding is driving this train – lose a few billion sacrificed in the name of DEI in order to get billions more in funding or don’t and watch their funding and stock prices dry up as the big investor go elsewhere to those with hifher DEI scores.

    The big group pushing the current trans push is the cutely named Human Rights Campaign and their “Equality Index” – where doublethink is the norm.

  5. Blackrock controls 10 trillion dollars of assets and has control of over 88 corporations.
    There is your answer.

  6. Lemmings over the cliff.

    And just as staged.

    Hey! See where Bud Light is about to non-exist, and Target has lost $10B dollars this month? Do THAT!!!

  7. NOW you’re getting it! they don’t care about profit, sales, dividends, or in the case of media, subscriptions. its ALL about the propaganda, the message. what is the message? that they, the elite, are more powerful therefor they are gods and therefor GOD does not exist. “all hail the gods and bow before us.”

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