On the “Budget Deal”:

No. Just no.

At the very least, keep the limit where it is.

Cut some spending. Go across the board a minimum of 5%.

Then we can talk about where else to cut and other remedies.

Don’t raise the limit even one red cent.

No new taxes either. Just stop the bloat.


Hold the line.




6 thoughts on “On the “Budget Deal”:

  1. No.

    Cut 5% per year for one more year than it takes to get the budget gets into balance. It would take several years until those 5% cuts eliminate the need to borrow money by issuing bonds, at which point running a 5% surplus would allow – very slowly – paying off the debt we’ve incurred.

    Otherwise, get ready for a resounding crash. Won’t be this year, maybe, but it will occur, and almost certainly sooner than most believe.

    Anon 2

  2. What line is there to hold? Both sides of the aisle are addicted to spending everyone else’s money… This is merely MSM theater…

    If WE want this to change, WE are going to need to foment it. A “Blue Flu “pandemic” and its accompanying tax revenue losses would send a shot across DC’s bow… We NEED TO DO THIS…

  3. Both parties are crowing about the “win”, that they have.
    Any time “they” are happy; the citizens aren’t.
    Did I hear correctly…..they’ve eliminated the “debt ceiling “…….my gawd, it’ll be a smorgasbord of government pork till the day I die!$%&&_=÷@!!

  4. the dems like a petulant child think they can crash the economy to get what they want and then pick up the pieces and blame the republicans. but there won’t be any pieces, it all goes boom. they have spent us into oblivion. next week we’ll be wiping our asses with cash. f both parties, f them all. i get my first and probably last retirement check tomorrow, lol. talk about irony. i take some small consolation in that they will be broke too.

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