One wonders

Exactly how many tens of millions of dollars were spent on the Coronation ceremony and the preparations and security before and after….


And how much that cost each and every british citizen individually.


How much good could that amount of money done for folks, be they british or otherwise, that really needed it as opposed to the current majesty who inherited his job?

Lots of money wasted today in Britain.


But hey, if the Brits wanna pay for a coronation of a king who doesn’t rule a country, that’s their business, not mine.

9 thoughts on “One wonders

  1. The money the Brits spend on a coronation every few decades is chump change compared to the cash America wastes every four years pretending to hold an honest election.

    • The last Coronation was in 1952 so that would be 71 years ago …

      • Actually it was 1953. Odds are good that Charles won’t last 20 years on the throne and then they do it all over again.

  2. Gotta agree with Dan, and actually most of the money is paid by the ‘crown’ rather that the public.

    • Aaaand where does “The Crown” get the money?… (Insert “Jeopardy” music here…)

      • You obviously don’t understand how that ‘king’ stuff came to be. Once upon a time ALL the resources belonged to the ‘King”. one might argue that legally they still do.

  3. Not to piddle on your thought regarding government monies being un-wisely spent….BUT….who received that money is the real question.
    Did the caterer for all their food come from lower/mid/upper London? Did any of the services during the ceremony come from any of their subjects?
    I guess I would like to see where all that money went.
    I really don’t care if “they” spent “their” money.

  4. Point of order:
    Offset that amount by how much it brings in tourism to have a monarch, every year since time out of mind.

    Capitalism works for a reason.

    Just saying.

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