Christ, you’d think the US was electing a king or something.

Instead of England.

I mean, it’s All Coronation All the Time. All over the News stations.

All the major “News” shows are fawning over the King. I guess it is the costumes or just the pomp and circumstance. I dunno.

Fuck that. I don’t care.

If you want a King, go to England.

All I wanted from the TV was a weather forecast, fer chrissake.

6 thoughts on “Christ, you’d think the US was electing a king or something.

  1. It’s literally a Slow News Day.

    If there had been a house fire or a cop car chase, Eyewitless News would’ve (to a metaphysical certainty) interrupted the coronation of some old goat to cover the chase or the fire.

    It’s what they do.

    Plus, watching the proceedings for all of maybe 30 seconds, it was 50:50 for most of the main focus whether doddering old Chuck was going to eat it, and fall over from the weight of all the ceremonial crap, or have the crown topple off his old grey head.

    That would have been a spectacle to behold.

    It’s the same reason some people only watch the Indy 500 to see the crashes.

    • Nope, the Chicago stations didn’t even provide news. There was a crawler across the bottom of the screen telling us of a cop shot, and some other shit, but if you wanted news you hadda go to their streaming service. CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and WGN were all coronation-all the time.

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