“No one is coming for your gas stove”

Lying Bastards. (Notice this was back in January)

Since they couldn’t make it happen on a Federal level, they are doing it on a State level.

Today: New York becomes the first state to ban gas stoves in new residential building construction

Expect California to be next, maybe Oregon first, but California is gonna enact a ban soon. The idea will be to reduce the market in the US so the price of gas stoves will go up and people will choose the cheaper electric alternative. Tried and true strategy…

They lied about the “danger” of using gas stoves with a crappy study, then they floated the idea of a ban at the Federal level and it was met with outrage….so now they will nibble away at the gas stove industry state by state instead.

Expect soon that they will also go after gas heating and gas water heaters in the next year or so as well…..Of course, for the most part, the replacement electric appliances need either coal or natural gas burned to provide the wattage to do their job….and we aren’t gonna have enough “Renewables” to fill the need….much less enough to also charge all those electric vehicles. Why does it matter if you burn Natural gas in a power plant to make electricity to heat your food or burn the gas at the point of cooking?

But remember that they lied about coming for your gas stove.

Trust your government at your own risk. They think they know what is good for you….and they are gonna give it to you good and hard.


5 thoughts on ““No one is coming for your gas stove”

  1. The “green” agenda goes as follows; Do you hold dissenting views? Point, click, you’re cold & dark… “All-electric” mated with “smart meters” enables “them” to personally attack you without lifting more than a finger…

  2. Electricity is easy to turn off…gas, not so much. So they ban the devices that use gas. Once they do that it doesn’t matter how hard it is to shut off gas. After the end of gas appliances and utilities comes the end of electricity and the devices that use electricity. The ultimate goal is the death of about 90% of us. Freeze us, starve us, poison us…whatever it takes. They really aren’t even TRYING to hide their agenda anymore.

  3. Screw ’em in the blue states. Just more natural gas for us here in Texas…

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