A thought on the Trans community

If they were a significant percentage of the population, if they were a percentage equal to their impact and influence, then the entire damage to the Bud Light brand could have been overcome if the Trans community were big enough and were willing to buy the product.

I mean, Conservatives have often rallied around a business with a “BUYcott” to overcome the supposed liberal boycott of a product, and it has, with few exceptions, overwhelmingly worked.

But they (Trannies and their supporters) aren’t that big of a percentage of the population, nor are they willing to replace the once loyal customers who were offended….If every single Trans “person” chose to buy Bud Light instead of some other product, they could go a long way towards reversing the boycott….Replace the angry straight male customers. They could, but they won’t.

Maybe they can’t.

Really, they are less than one percent…a bit more than a half percent actually, of the population of the United States….it is only the Media, the Advertising people that fawn over them, and, of course, the HR and legal departments of large corporations (likely due to fear of lawsuits) giving them an influence well beyond their numbers….so alienating nearly 100% of Bud Light customers (overwhelmingly straight males) for a population that TOTALS less than 1% seems stupid at best. But if they ALL decided to buy one case of Bud light each week it would at least make a dent in the sales drop that the overwhelmingly straight customers made when they left for other beers.

Here’s the thing:

Most people simply don’t care about the Trans/Gay/Lesbian/non-binary/whatever lifestyles. They accept¬†even if they don’t approve. But shove that lifestyle in most people’s faces, insist that it become “normal”, and they get angry. Just leave them alone, they don’t care. But the Trans/Gay/whatever folks can’t stop at that. They want, and insist on,¬†approval.

And, as we see in this latest advertising debacle, they just ain’t gonna get it.