It was a very good day

Shooting wise, at least.

One of the guys I shoot with wanted to change things up from our normal…

Wind was 4 knots from directly behind.

Range was 50 yards..

Target was NRA small bore 50 foot targets

Caliber was .22 LR.

From the bench. I used a rest with a sandbag at the butt of the rifle. Others used lead sleds.

all 5 shot groups except the center one,  which was 10. I’m kinda happy with my progress.

Progression was left to right, top to bottom with the center target last (yeah, I know that’s not the proper way to do it, but that was the way we shot it). It was a fun improvisation.

We hadda put the lines on the targets ’cause after 2 or three shots the four of us shooting had nothing decent to aim at, so we improvised. Aiming at a hole didn’t give a precise enough aiming point.

This was the second of 3 targets. The first had no lines, making aiming problematic, the third had a bit of a gusty crosswind, so the groups opened up a bit.

‘Twas a decent challenge for me and Vera2, the non-Ruger 10-22.

I was shooting Tac-22 black box

6 thoughts on “It was a very good day

      • glass. Old (believe it or not) 4-12 x 50 Tasco. Prolly 25 or more years old.
        I had it from an estate sale when I built the rifle from aftermarket parts (Hence the ‘Non-Ruger”) and put it on to see how well the rifle shot, and just never took it off ’cause it works so well.

  1. Were you using a scope?
    Shooting off a bench using sandbags is a test of your equipment, not testing your shooting skills.

    • A rest and a sandbag. The rifle is free floating at my shoulder. Lots of room to move.

      A Lead Sled is a test of the equipment. The sandbag is just a rest for my hand and arm. Big difference.
      If I ain’t still doing my job, those groups open up to about an inch..

      • Oh, and Beaner:
        Feel free to post your off hand/kneeling/unsupported shots at 50 yards. Bet they are more than 1/2 inch.

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