I Identify

Alissa Heinerscheid, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, the first woman to ever lead the popular brand…..

The woman who came up with the trans movement marketing ploy for Bud Light, who came up with, and approved the idea of “Partnering” with Dylan Mulvaney, the man (apparently still intact (IYKWIM) who has made millions of dollars “Identifying” as a woman “Girl”…….

Who thought that alienating the current market for Bud Light, mostly straight men, would somehow increase sales…..


Yeah, it rumored that not only does she currently Identify as “On leave” but will soon identify as “Unemployed and unemployable”

Of course, she can always work as a barista at Starbucks or something….but I doubt she ever gets a job at a marketing firm again, unless it is mopping the floors. Her pronoun will soon be WAS.

It is unknown as to what pronouns her boss will end up with.

3 thoughts on “I Identify

  1. Traditional, I suspect. If the plan worked, her boss gets a bonus for creativity. If the plan does not work, she gets the blame and unemployment. The company stumbles on, as usual. They probably didn’t expect how big a crash there would be. So much for dirty rice water.. “beer”. Maybe there will be a market in Asia.

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