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It is sad that they couldn’t be be bothered, not even the Republicans, to show all of this evidence before the 2020 elections…..But they were willing to do anything, even the Republicans, to make sure Trump wasn’t in for 4 more years….

Of course now, they are letting it out because they have no need for O’l Slow Joe Biden anymore…in fact, the establishment wants him out.

Had they shown us all of this 3 years ago, we’d have Trump instead of Biden, the economy would be better, the Liberal causes wouldn’t have taken front, and likely Ukraine would not be at war with Putin.

Of course this simply means that they want Joe out of the way so they can field a candidate that doesn’t appear to be so useless, (and that isn’t Trump, of course).

Ukraine, Russia, China and now Romania. Joe sold his office and influence for big buck.

Biden family ‘got $1 MILLION from ROMANIA’ while Joe vowed to clean up corruption: GOP ‘influence-peddling’ probe into $10M in foreign cash reveals Hunter set up 15 companies AFTER his dad became VP and lay out how money came from China


5 thoughts on “More evidence

  1. You can see the crimes. I can see the crimes. The GOP wonks can see the crimes Even the leftist bastards can see the crimes.
    Yet, do you see anything being done about it?
    Actually, the swamp wants everyone to become jaded, so they don’t have to do anything about it.

  2. Evidence is irrelevant when the people tasked with dealing with corruption are also corrupt.

  3. ten mil is a drop in the bucket. more like hundreds of millions.

  4. Not sure if this info was out back then would have made a difference.
    Dems might have had back up a couple of extra trucks at 3am, but they would have done it.

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