So a bunch of (oddly unidentified) “teens” caused chaos in downtown Chicago on Saturday night….Smashing store windows looting¬† jumping on cars and beating drivers who objected.

Lots of frightened tourists were escorted back to hotels by police and at least 4 people were hospitalized from beatings by the crowd.

Interestingly though, none of the local news stations bothered to identify the teens, doing their best to hide their faces and race. My sources in the Chicago Police tell me that they were all from the South and West sides…Few whites in the unruly crowd, and the “Teen Takeover” was organized on Social Media.

I am also told that the police were told not to “provoke” the crowd and that no arrests were made, even though the cops witnessed many incidents that were worthy of arrests. They have figured out that if they act as a crowd, the police will stand by helplessly rather than act to enforce Law and Order.

It oughta be a wonderful summer in Chicago if this is just the start. Decent people afraid to be out on a Saturday evening for fear of violence……

Oughta do a great deal of good for race relations…..everyone knows the race of the troublemakers even if the Media won’t come out and say it.


Update: 6:04 AM 4/17 According to CBS News Chicago, some¬† arrests were apparently made. 9 “Yoots” and 6 adults. Apparently the chaos started on FRIDAY, which is when no arrests were made. On Saturday the miscreants were even more bold, and Something Had To Be Done…



5 thoughts on ““teens”

    • I’d prefer if you didn’t use childish nicknames for our opponents.

  1. More AnarchoTyranny. All part of the lefts plan to destabilize and destroy the country. If you pay attention you notice that shit like this only happens in libera
    leftist hellholes where the authorities PROTECT the raging animals and will arrest, charge and destroy ANYONE who effectively opposes them. Shit like this NEVER happens in conservative locales. Try something like this in my county and there would be a LOT of pending funerals for the ground apes responsible for it.

  2. But no matter how many times you show a lefty where the violence is actually coming from, it’s STILL White Supremacy that caused it.

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